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Sept. 28, 2023, 6:24 p.m. Likes: 2

EuroBack aims at creating an app that allows the user to interact with relevant cultural heritage and allowing its reuse in a fun way. The user selects a city (in this alpha version the city will be Gijón in the north of Spain) and several images come up from the Europeana repository. The idea is to upload an updated version of that image to the app. The app will have some social media aspects in the sense that users can interact with other users.


It was designed and made by Lucía Prieto Sánchez, Mario de Castro Sanz, Alicia Fernández Sanz and Segio Busto Blanco.

It was supportted by their teachers Rafael Motero Braga and Mariano Alías de la Torre.

More Info: 

At our school we believe in learning by doing and giving our students the opportunities to make mistakes. There is much to learn from the process of making the app and developing the project. That is why the four students are the key members of the project. This project is their idea, and they are developping it with the help of their teachers who are helping them along the way.  The students are attending and taking part in the workshops, developpi the app, and making all relevant creative decisionsons along the process.  

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