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Aug. 31, 2022, 6:05 p.m. Likes: 1

This app uses quantum annealing, a type of quantum computing, to reduce noise in binary images. For this purpose, a model called an Ising model, which consists of the interrelationships of pixels after adding noise, is constructed, and sent to the Annealing WEB service using App Inventor's web function. Noise reduction is displayed on the smartphone screen based on the spin information corresponding to the pixels returned from the web service. This app, which runs on familiar smartphones, lets you experience the processing of a quantum annealing machine that is different from existing computers.


This application is based on the explanation on the website of Hitachi, Ltd. Below:<br /><br />We would like to thank Dr. Masanao Yamaoka of Hitachi, Ltd., who developed the CMOS annealing machine, for answering various technical questions.

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