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Aug. 31, 2021, 10:24 p.m. Likes: 0

This app explains the basic idea and mechanism of reinforcement learning (especially Q-Learning), which is a field of artificial intelligence technology, using simple examples. Reinforcement learning is used in AlphaGo, autonomous driving, autonomous control robots, etc., and is attracting a lot of attention. Here, you can get familiar with the essence of the technology using your familiar smartphone before confronting such a practical level. As an example, a robot is trained to go straight down the corridor and successfully acquire the gem placed along the way. For this purpose, I use the reinforcement learning method called Q-Learning. Results of the training can be confirmed by the animation of the robot movement.


This app is my original work. However, I refer to the explanation of Q-Learning and the example Python program in the article below:

Makoto Ito, “Learn Reinforcement Learning with Python”, Nikkei Software 2021.07, Nikkei BP, 2021, pp.24-39 (in Japanese)

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