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April 15, 2022, 5:30 a.m. Likes: 0

This is a trivia application that allows you to do trivia questions for 10 categories: animals, board games, computers, geography, history, mythology, science & nature, sports, television, vehicles, and mixed. You have 30 seconds to do each question, and 10 questions to do. If you get it correct, you get 1 point, and when you get 8 points, you pass. 

This app also has a token system to encourage people to do fun exercises in the app. When you open the app every day, 1 token is automatically added to your account. When you score 8 points or above, you get 1 token. To eliminate 1 incorrect option in a question, you need 3 tokens.

Apart from the search feature, this app works almost perfectly offline.


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