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Planes vs. Copters

May 16, 2022, 4:28 p.m. Likes: 3

Hop in your very own plane and explore nature. No need for a pilot’s license: simply press and hold to throttle and release to glide!

Travel across vast deserts, tundra, forests and meadows, sandy beaches and clear blue oceans, thriving farmland, and more. Enjoy nature, but don’t forget to collect as many coins as you can while avoiding the copters!

Spend your coins on new planes with various degrees of speed and handling: everything from old-timey planes to supersonic jets and drones. The faster your plane, the sooner you can visit all the biomes!

Fly in style by customizing your plane with various colors and skins. Nature is vibrant and colorful… you should be too!

It's up to you, pilot, h...



Created by Alex Feinstein



Beth - VYEN

Metamorphosis - Quincas Moreira

State Drive - VYEN

Wonder - VYEN


Sound Effects:

Explosion: sounds/245372/

Coins: b/sounds/217459/, b/sounds/217460/, b/sounds/217461/, b/sounds/217462/

Motors: ucasfuchs/sounds/518294/, initeresource/sounds/246351/, _cel/sounds/534856/, h/sounds/479523/, unds/458377/

Clunk: nds/96137/

Cha Ching: ds/209578/

Equip: sounds/524264/


More Info: 

Download on Google Play: s

NOTE: This version of Planes vs. Copters has been modified from the version released on Google Play. The differences from the Google Play version are as follows:

  1. The Activity Lifecycle extension is used in the main version in order to pause the music when the user leaves the app. 
  2. Two songs have been removed from the soundtrack of the game in order to reduce the size of the project and meet the Gallery's size limit. 

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