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April 24, 2022, 9:45 a.m. Likes: 0

This is a game i made that contains 4 games.I made it because I know sometimes people get stuck at home because of the COVID-19,and they cant go to arcades.I want everybody to have fun and not get bored.I hope you like it!I think I can improve the bot in the ping pong game because it REALLY struggles.And also I will learn and practice a lot more to make updates,and at the same time revise for my school.This took me a lot of work and I don't really know much about MIT,so it was hard.But i didn't care,because as long as other people aren't bored and safe from covid, I will also be happy!


Pictures: online(google),pixelated art me and my mom drew


Palette:Me and my mom

Helper and advisor:my mom

Special thanks to:google

More Info: 

In the first screen, you can type randomly(since there is no exponent to save)then just click the button that says "register" then "login".It wont save accounts(as i said/wrote).(for people who didn't read instructions.READ IT.)

In the discussion board, PROBABALY nobody will reply because i didn't use two devices(maybe i have but forgot).

At last,STAY HEALTHY!!!!!! :D😷


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