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Nov. 9, 2021, 6:05 a.m. Likes: 0

This app provides access to the Wideband Shortwave Radio Reciever Map (

The map locates worldwide sites of KiwiSDR shortwave receivers covering the spectrum of 1 - 30 MHz.

  • Hit a marker symbol to display a link to the chosen KiwiSDR receiver.
  • Follow the links to open the corresponding receiver view.
  • On the receiver view, tap the back button of your device to get back to the initial KiwiSDR map at any time.
  • On the map view, tap the back button to display a help & exit dialog.


  • Developer:
    • Name: Bernd HEBEL
    • Address: AT-6974 Gaißau, Austria
    • Contact:
  • App icon:
    • ©

More Info: 

Protection of personal data:

  • This app does not require any access rights to personal data
  • It does not store, or evaluate any such data.
  • It does not transmit any data to third parties.

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