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Target Shooter 3dEngineTest

May 7, 2021, 9:36 a.m. Likes: 1

Easy to play target shooter. For best experience experiment with the look left and look right buttons before moving around. Remember, this is just a test, so its capabilities are limited. Warning 1, I didn't do any precise math, so for objects like the aimline or atmosphere, as you move around, they will shift and move around to an unnatural position, if this happens, just restart the app. Warning 2, this app is pretty intense comparing to most app inventor apps, you will need a decent device to enjoy the full experience, ei the AI Starter Emulator is not going to cut it. Any tablet or APK emulator like bluestacks or Memu should be fine.



A tad bit of credit to Michael Ferguson who presented the idea to use painted lines to create 3d objects, thank you!

Michael's Video

More Info: 


- Use the joystick to move around and look left and right.

- Once at the aimline a target should appear, look towards its direction and press the shoot button.

- After hitting the first target, a second should appear, shoot it and the game ends.

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