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July 31, 2021, 1:45 p.m. Likes: 0

Our App HEAL THE WORLD is an endeavour to encourage kids to take up Recycling Goals. Our App is a step towards encouraging the people to undo the harm and save our planet.  We are constantly noticing that the Metro-Cities especially in the developing countries are drowning in their own garbage! According to the recent statistics India generates about sixty million tonnes of garbage. What makes it worse is that out of this 60-65 million, 45 million tonnes of garbage remain untreated. To put that in other words, this is untreated garbage piled on the three million trucks!!

Our app is a humble attempt to educate students and public about recycling in a fun way and help them take an active part by offering...



Pixabay for all images used in the app. where we created a game. 

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