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April 8, 2021, 8:55 a.m. Likes: 0

It is a minimalistic game. There are four balls, one of them appears with different color. The player has to tap only the unique ball before it disappear to get points, avoiding tapping one of the other three balls. This app represents the unique personality every person has, with any disorder or not. The four different ball colors are from the official rgb color palette from autism scheme. At specific points, specif words are appearing at the bottom of the screen. Enjoy and remember, we are all unique and we are all beautiful.


I would like to thank the students of my school who helped me to conceive the idea of the game, as well as to design the graphic environment. Υou can learn our news from our school website

More Info: 

UniP (Unique People) is school project with my students from school EN.E.E.GY.L. Loutrakiou. Our school has the privilege to have and teach students with special needs. With this game we want to make the whole world aware of the diversity and special needs of the people around us. Someone may be different but it is definitely worth giving them attention and opportunities. We have many students in the spectrum of autism and we get the idea to create this app. The app icon is the four balls placed in such a way as to form the letter Α, from Autism. 

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