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Medi Smarty

March 20, 2021, 3:44 a.m. Likes: 0

Medi Smarty will store all health-related information right from their personal profile, height, weight, BMI, allergy, diabetic, medicine details and all primary details.<br />This will also give good health tips to users on opening of this application every time.<br />After you feed the medicine details like medicine name, number in stock, per day dosage in this app, everyday it will calculate the current stock of the medicine automatically and gives alert if any medicine getting exhausted.<br />It has primarily nine screens and they are

1. Settings

2. Your medicines

3. Order and Teleconsultation

4. Your Profile

5. Health Records

6. Emergency calls

7. About the App

8. Air quality

9. ...


More Info: 

This app is made by Krishna Raghavendran. This app is designed for a person who is interested in maintaining his/her own medical details handy in E format at one place. This App has the following screens-<br /> 1. Settings - It has facilities to add, edit and remove medicine details like medicine name, total stock, tablets to be taken per day and Dosage timing.  Others Section has facility to store important contact numbers and your favourite online pharmacy to order online using this app.  Once you save these details on settings, this will get reflected in respective screens.<br /> 2. Your medicine is a screen where you can see the current stock status as of today. It is designed in such a way that it will show the balance stock in hand minus (-) daily consumption of each medicine. Also, it will alert you if the stock is less than six so that you can plan and order using this app. It will help you to get rid of any delay in buying the medicines. Please ensure you manually update the inventory list on 1st of Jan (Every New Year) <br />3. Order screen will directly take you to your favourite online pharmacy (which you set in settings screen) or Jan Aushadhi pharmacy for ordering/buying the required medicines. It has a link for free teleconsultation (eSanjeevani OPD) initiative done by Government of India. <br />4. Your Profile will have your photo, name, age, blood group, weight, height, your allergy details and it will also store whether you are a diabetic or not. This screen will also calculate BMI for you based on your height and weight.<br /> 5. Health Records screen will have your E-Prescription, E-Insurance Card, E-Aadhar card and Lab reports on handy for quick reference once you upload. All of these records can be shared with any online sharing facilities like WhatsApp.<br /> 6. Emergency call screen will help you to call your doctor, hospital, ambulance & lab which takes sample from home by a single click from this app. This data should be set in Settings screen.<br /> 7. Air quality screen will show the current air quality of your place and the table will show you to understand the AQ levels. <br /> 8. The Important Dates screen helps to set the appointment dates like doctor visit, lab visit, insurance renewal and dentist visit so that if you enable the switch it will send the alert notifications for every action appropriately. <br />Every screen has home icon which will take you to the home page of the app.


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