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Go Corona Go

April 28, 2021, 9:57 a.m. Likes: 1

Technology has become more in demand due to everyone being isolated at home in this pandemic.. That’s why I decided to decided to bring the pandemic element and the technology sector together, to create this app. A section of this app also deals with mental health and how to cope with the pandemic induced depression, that motivated me to create my own app- ‘Go Corona Go’.My project aims to provide users with valid information, help them deal with pandemic-induced depression, and educate them about facts and myths about Covid 19. This app also has features where users can learn how to meditate as well as track their mood and express their feelings through an online diary in this app.

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More Info: 

I am 12 years old studying in Grade 7 in an international school in Jakarta, Indonesia.<br />I have a passion for coding because I strongly believe that it enhances problem-solving and critical thinking skills and it also empowers students to deal with 21st century challenges.

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